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Google Ads is an online advertising platform owned by Google, where ads show up on Google Search Engine when a search is triggered. Businesses can use Google Ads when it comes to improving brand awareness as it helps to show up in front of users who are searching for their products or services.

With the help of Google Ads, advertisers can increase the size of their audience by focusing the users of other websites, all this using the Google Display Network. It is imperative for businesses to influence the purchase decision of the online users once they land on your website. You want them to sail through your sales funnel and convert. With Google Ads, this process has become quite streamlined and highly effective. The source of traffic can be categorized, which helps you to target efficiently and ensure improved ROI.

Google Ads provides the advertisers with an option to experiment or test one change per campaign over a period of time to check which ads work well and which do not. This helps in removing all guesswork and focus only on the data provided by Google Ads Platform. Whenever you make multiple changes to a campaign, and the campaign becomes a grand success, you are left confused as to which change really worked.

Google Ads helps advertisers to utilize user data like Age, Gender, Country, etc. to help you refine your targeting. Regardless of the niche of your business, Google Ads helps you to create highly informed campaigns by looking at the demographics of your audience. You can include or exclude an audience on the basis of their demographics to help improve the conversion rates of your campaigns.

Google Ads helps advertisers to decide the exact time & date when they want their ads to run. But isn’t it beneficial to run ads 24/7? Not necessarily. It entirely depends on your industry niche, product, service, and, more importantly, your campaign history.

It is recommended to experiment with the time you run your ads for a few days and see if your cost per conversion and conversion rate is improved.


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If you have a business that has to manage multiple pages and track a number of paid campaigns or have to manage multiple clients having different ad accounts, the Facebook business manager is a perfect tool for all your Facebook advertising needs.

The centralized dashboard on the business manager allows you to keep track of all your business processes, making it easier to access and organize all of your business pages and ad campaigns from one place.

It provides you with better control and authority over the account credentials, which makes it easier to grant access to staff members without putting security at risk. Not just that, the Facebook business manager allows you to stay connected to the business proposals and campaigns through email. This essentially removes all need to add your client as a Facebook friend for him to grant you access to the business page.

Creating reports on the Facebook business manager is a piece of cake. You can prepare management reports and campaign reports at the click of a button with several customization options available at all times.

The ability to test several ad campaigns and stack them up against each other (A/B testing) is something advertisers love about the Facebook business manager. We should not forget about the value-added services like claiming Ad accounts, apps, manage projects, and partners with multiple levels of control on pages, campaigns, and accounts.

Collaboration with team members is also a great feature of Facebook business manager, which helps you create a transparent organization where you can have detailed information about all the business operations and goals. The Facebook business manager is a great digital marketing tool that provides you with a 360-degree view of all the business operations and caters to your need for customized features.