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About .US TLD

.US TLD is one of the most renowned country-code Top-level Domains for the residents of the United States of America. It is a country-specific TLD, which makes it an extremely reliable and trustworthy domain name. It got launched in 1985.

Neustar, Inc. is the highly famous American technology Company that is behind the creation of the .US TLD. Anyone who wants to register with .US TLD must be a citizen or an organization of the US. Any government organization or a private establishment of the USA could quickly get an .US TLD.

The .US TLD provides you with numerous benefits, making your business extremely prominent. The .US TLD has been extremely famous due to the amount of trustworthiness it offers.

The Interesting History and Facts of .US TLD

One of the most crucial and integral things to remark about .US TLD is that it was the internet’s first-ever country-specific TLD that was launched on February 15, 1985. So, it has a definite legacy attached to it.

In the past, the .US TLD was only confined to the US Government. But, now the times have changed, and the well-liked TLD is now available for everyone who is a local of the US. The .US TLD is famous among the consumers of the US. Nevertheless, the people outside the US put a great amount of trust in the businesses of America.

Furthermore, the people of America are willing to go with the .US TLD domain in order to display the spirit of patriotism and to reflect their true identity. Plus, there is a particular bias of the people present all over the world for the businesses and goods that are made in the US. Thus, whenever they see .US TLD in the domain name, they are immediately drawn towards buying and trusting the content.

So, for all these reasons, the residents of the United States try to acquire the .US TLD and make their business worthy of appealing to the masses.

Usage Recommendations

The identity of the business is an extremely significant factor that builds authenticity among the targeted audiences. So, if you are genuinely determined to showcase the identity of your business, then you must focus on getting a country-specific TLD.

If you are a business in the US, the safest option is to register a .US TLD for an accurate classification of your brand. You might be a well-established and flourishing business, or you might be a small café owner in the US; your task is to grab the most number of visitors. Therefore, the .US TLD remains an optimal option to consider.

Also, if your primary audience lies in the US, you must go for the .US TLD in order to appear in America’s SERPs. Hence, the Search Engine Optimization would be much better if you are actually targeting the relevant audiences.


In order to make the most out of your business that is set in the US, you must go for the .US TLD. In this fact, you will not only be building credibility among your target audience. Instead, you will prove to be highly relevant for the Google search results.

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