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About .ORG TLD

The .ORG TLD is one of the best generic top-level domains (gTLDs) within the domain name system of the internet arena. The name is derived from the word ‘organization,’ and it was introduced on 1st January 1985 and is handled by the Public Interest Registry.

The domain name extension was intended to be taken up by organizations such as schools, colleges, religious organizations, or non-profit entities. However, the restrictions are not imposed religiously, which means that simply anyone can register the top-level domain without any hassle.

The Interesting History and Facts of .ORG TLD

The sole aim of the .ORG TLD was to fulfill the needs and requirements of the non-commercial entities. Most commonly, the .ORG TLD was used for religious institutions, volunteering websites, sports associations, civic associations, cultural websites, and many other similar websites. However, with time, the .ORG TLD has been used for almost all kinds of sites without any major restrictions.

In 2009, it was observed that the domain was registered by 8 Million people all over the world. The number has only increased over time, and the TLD enjoys great success.

In 2009, another milestone was achieved by the Public Interest Registry in which the registry said that the TLD had signed its DNS Zone with Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), making this generic top-level domain one of the highly secured gTLD.

The cost of registering an .ORG TLD is the US $9.05 per year. The price is set by the Public Interest Registry. However, the registrars are free to charge any fee from their end-users.

Public Interest Registry belongs to the United States. So, the United States Government has got the right to seize the domains without any permissions. If the domain name is foreign, the US Government contacts the registry directly and seizes the domain.

Therefore, anyone registering with the .ORG TLD has to comply with the rules and regulations of the US Government. Otherwise, there will always be a risk of getting the domain seized.

Usage Recommendations

The .ORG TLD is exceptionally famous all over the world. It is short and memorable. Thus, your target audience would easily reach your content without any major worries. Nevertheless, you have to get the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on point in order to achieve your goals — also, the .ORG TLD is renowned to perform well in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

It is a exceedingly trusted gTLD. Many of the big websites are famous, having the .ORG TLD. Thus, the popularity of this domain name is quite visible and not hidden from anyone. There are absolutely no restrictions in order to register a website with .ORG TLD. Hence, you are free to choose from.

If your website is meant for some non-profit purposes such as fundraising or donations, then there is no better option other than getting a .ORG TLD.


The .ORG TLD has been famous right since it was launched and made available to the masses for the very first time. In present times, it has only faced growth and positivity. So, if you are planning to get a .ORG TLD, you can go forward without any second thought.

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