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About .NET TLD

Within the domain name system of the internet, the .NET TLD is considered to be one of the most commonly registered top-level domain. The .NET is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) that has enjoyed great success over the years. It was developed on January 1st, 1985.
This top-level domain extension is handled by Verisign, the company that is already responsible for the highly famous .COM TLD.

As of now, the .NET TLD is the third most registered TLD in the entire world and is reflected to be the fourth most popular TLD, following the footsteps of the .COM, .tk and, .de.

The Interesting History and Facts of .NET TLD

It is quite striking from the name itself that the .NET TLD was introduced in order to cater to the needs of the networking companies, for example, the internet service providers or the other infrastructure companies.

Nonetheless, no restrictions were enforced, which meant that the top-level domain was up for general purposes.

The TLD is exceptionally famous among networking companies. However, it is speculated to be an alternative to the .COM TLD.

Verisign has always put 100% effort into strengthening each and every area related to the .NET TLD. Accordingly, they were able to renew their agreement in 2011 for another 6 years. The registry has won the confidence of the ICANN by fulfilling the laid criteria.

The United States Government has mentioned the time and again that they have got the right to seize the .NET TLD at any time because the registry operator, known as Verisign, is a US-based company. However, foreign registrars are not forced to follow the US Law. So, in such cases, the US Government directly contacts Verisign and has got around 750 domain seized in a similar manner.
Thus, in this manner, whenever any registered TLD does not comply with the rules and regulations laid by the US Government, the government goes forward and seizes the domain without any prior notification.

Usage Recommendations

There are simply no questions regarding the credibility and popularity of the .NET TLD as it can easily give a tough fight to the .COM TLD. Also, it has been noticed that whenever an entity is unable to find a desirable .COM domain name, they immediately go for the .NET TLD because it lies in a similar frame as .COM TLD.

.NET is a general-purpose top-level domain. Nonetheless, initially, it was meant for the networking companies. But, now anyone can grab it with authority. There are little to no restrictions imposed. So, you would not face any significant problems in getting a .NET TLD for yourself.

Additionally, .NET TLD is short, sweet, and memorable. Anyone can recall the domain name pretty quickly, which means that your target audiences would be at pickup your website name effortlessly. You can operate your business-related website or a blog on a .NET domain without any apprehensions.


The .NET TLD is one of the most reliable alternatives of .COM in the domain name system. So, no matter whatever your website is about, you must say yes to this epic .NET gTLD.

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