What is .INFO TLD (Domain Name Extension)?


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The .INFO TLD is a highly popular generic top-level domain in the world of the internet. It was made available in the year 2001 and is handled by Afilias. The top-level domain is up for any kind of use. So, there are no restrictions based on the registrations of the .INFO TLD. The name is an abbreviation of information. Nonetheless, the TLD is widely available for any purpose whatsoever.

The Interesting History and Facts of .INFO TLD

The .INFO TLD was developed mainly in an attempt to release the pressure from the extensively used .COM TLD. So, for this reason, seven brand new generic top-level domains were released out of which the .INFO TLD became the most famous.

The .INFO TLD played an extremely important role in the September 11, 2001 attacks in the US as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York converted its website to the stress-free mta.info domain extension to provide the latest information to the residents regarding the alternate routes and other transportation services.

Afilias is the name of the registry that is responsible for administering the .INFO TLD. Also, the registry has remained highly enthusiastic in promoting and marketing the .INFO TLD by encouraging the registrars with several incentives.

Due to the TLD being extremely open, having no restrictions, the public was quite puzzled and mixed up on whether to get this domain extension or not. Also, it was the first-ever top-level domain extension whose length was greater than two or three characters. Thus, this fact also raised the inhibitions of the public.

The TLD had to go through a sunrise period on July 25, 2001, which ended on August 27, 2001. During this period, the trademark holders were allowed to register their brand names with the .INFO TLD. After the sunrise period ended, strict and thorough evaluations were taken place in order to remain fair.

So, a land rush period started, and that revealed around 17,000 unsuitable .INFO TLDs were registered. Thus, all these were canceled and were made available to the public once again.

In 2011, the Australian Government blocked the .INFO domain extension as they were suspicious of the malware attacks that were made through the .INFO TLDs. Later, it was found out that due to the lower prices of this TLD, the spammers were able to easily register the domain to conduct wicked activities.

Usage Recommendations

The .INFO TLD also possess attractive qualities that can make anyone forced to get it. It is easily remembered and recognized as well in the pool of websites. Plus, the .INFO TLD would grab huge traffic for you.

Hence, if your website is all about information and guidance, you must go for an .INFO TLD. Additionally, it is a great alternative to .COM domains. Similarly, if you are running a commercial site and you are looking to inform your target audience about the products or services, then it is most beneficial to get an .INFO TLD.

The .INFO TLD is recognized and acknowledged in the whole world. So, with this domain extension, you can appeal to the audiences present all over the world.


With the evident popularity of the .INFO domain, you have got a serious chance to build the credibility of your website. Thus, you should not miss a chance of getting a desirable domain name under .INFO TLD for enjoying bigger triumphs.

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