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About .IN TLD

.IN TLD is a country-specific Top-Level Domain for the country India. In India, the .IN TLD is extremely popular among small businesses as well as large scale businesses. The .IN TLD was launched in 1989, and it became fully functional in 1990.

Initially, the domain was looked after by the National Centre for Software Technology (NCST). But, in 2004, the Government of India asked the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) to handle the functions.

In order to register for the .IN TLD, you are not required to be a resident of India, unlike .US or .UK TLDs. Even if you are residing in any part of the world, you can register with .IN TLD, with no hassles whatsoever.

The Interesting History and Facts of .IN TLD

In 2005, the policies concerning .IN TLD were revolutionized and were eased up in order to accommodate a variety of businesses. After the amendments in the policies, the users were allowed to have unlimited second-level registration within the .IN domain name.

In this way, the IT field of the country India witnessed a boom in the businesses. It unquestionably helped many young entrepreneurs as well as the reputed companies.

Additionally, the Government of India has always been quite supportive of the IT field, which means that if you are interested in investing here, you can expect some serious growth over time.

Further, in 2018, NIXI appointed Neustar Data Infotech (India) to strengthen the domain to a greater extent and to democratize the internet. In this manner, the security was taken a notch higher, and overall better feedback was observed.

Usage Recommendations

India being a well-known IT hub, has proved its mettle in the entire world for its epic performance. The whole world knows that India is among the top 3 countries where digital media is consumed on a large scale.

Plus, India is the pillar of IT outsourcing and is considered to provide IT services at cheap rates as compared to other countries.

India is one of the largest growing internet markets, so people are incredibly interested in getting an .IN TLD for better outreach and authenticity.

Therefore, whoever is aiming to set up an IT business in India, must go for the .IN TLD in order to grasp a humungous and broad market.

Indian internet users would always connect with a domain name that has got .IN TLD because it automatically increases the brand’s credibility, and a sense of patriotism is also invoked among Indians.

Any bank, firm, a sole entity, partnership business, or even a self-published blog could be registered with .IN TLD without any hustles.

Moreover, the SEO results would be much better if your primary audience is present in India, as the results would display your site in the local searches in Google, Bing & Yahoo.


India is flourishing in Information Technology by leaps and bounds, and it definitely sends out a strong signal for everyone looking to make a mark in the IT field and solidify the profits for the future. So, acquiring a .IN TLD for your website or business is always a sensible choice.

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