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About .GOV Top Level Domain

The .GOV TLD is specifically confined to the government entities of the US, which is quite evident right from the name itself. It is a sponsored Top-Level Domain and was launched on 1st January 1985.

The .GOV TLD is administered and managed by the General Services Administration (GSA), which serves as an independent agency of the US Federal Government. Thus, you can contact the Administration for getting a .GOV TLD (only if you fulfill the criteria which are quite strict without any doubt). Accordingly, in this manner, the .GOV TLD is confined to the government agencies present in the US only.

The Interesting History and Facts of .GOV TLD

The United States of America takes pride in being the only country to have a government-specific TLD as well as the country-code Top-Level Domain. It is mainly because of the fact that the US was responsible for the advent of the internet, thanks to the U.S. federal government-sponsored research network.

Initially, only federal government entities of the US were allowed to obtain a .GOV TLD. But, after 2012, the local, state, or tribal governments of the US could obtain a .GOV TLD.

If other countries want to use the .GOV TLD, then it is not possible. However, the countries can opt for a second-level domain, if they are really looking forward to adding .GOV to their domain. For example, .GOV.IN

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was the first-ever agency to have been registered with .GOV TLD. It is an agency that looks after the development of modern technology that could be used by military forces.

Usage Recommendations

Though the restrictions are quite heavy, if you are looking to aquire .GOV TLD. However, if you are successful in achieving it, your website could be termed as notably prestigious and the US Government-linked entity.
Only your association with the .GOV TLD could increase your popularity by miles.

However, for this, you have to be a government entity that belongs to the US. Also, the domain name is extremely pricey and not affordable for most of the ordinary people.

For this reason, you have to be a part of the US government so that you could obtain a .GOV TLD. Apart from that, if you belong to some other country, then you can go for a second-level .GOV domain. It would unquestionably add an enormous amount of credibility to your website, and people would immediately trust the webspace without any doubt.

Plus, if you are willing to obtain a .GOV TLD, you are required to produce a letter of authorization that must be submitted to the concerned departments. After the investigation process, the further procedure takes place that finalizes your application’s approval or disapproval.


It is a no-brainer to understand the value of .GOV TLD. But, due to the strict, complex rules and regulations, the domain name could only be obtained by the US Government entities. Also, the entities must fulfill the criteria in order to get the .GOV TLD registered successfully.

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