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About .COM TLD

.COM TLD is one of the most popular and the oldest top-level domain which was initially developed for commercial purposes. However, as time passed, the domain was up for general objectives.

The domain was developed on March 15, 1985, and was strictly for commercial intent, as it is easily noticeable through the name that is .COM. At present, the TLD is considered to be one of the best and highly credible to start your website with.

Plus, the .COM TLD is included in the Big 3 TLDs, whereas the other two are .ORG and .NET. Thus, the name and fame of the .COM TLD is exceedingly evident from this fact.

The Interesting History and Facts of .COM TLD

In the past, the domain was handled by the United States Department of Defense. But, as of now, the domain is administered by Verisign, an American company that is responsible for looking after the major internet infrastructures.

Moreover, the .COM TLD is further authorized by U.S. Law which means that it is fully protected under strict rules and regulations. If you are looking to get a .COM TLD, then you would have to fulfill the criteria of Verisign.

1995 was the year in which the fee of the domain was set to be taken from the registrants. At the start, the fee of the domain was $50 per year. The new registrants had to pay $100 for two years, upfront.

After the domain extension was available for general purposes, it instantly became famous for websites, e-mails, and networking. The popularity of the domain extension was so much over the top that the companies amalgamated .COM within the original names of their companies.

In fact, the period of 1997 to 2001 is known as the dot-com bubble due to the popularity of internet-based companies, primarily due to the fame of .COM TLD.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the .COM TLD is that it could be registered by anyone, present in any part of the world. There are no restrictions on registrations of the .COM TLD.

Usage Recommendations

There is no doubt regarding the positive reputation of the .COM TLD. Therefore, anyone needing their website up and running can go for the .COM TLD, no matter whatever the website is based on.

Through many surveys and studies, it was found out that the .COM TLD helps your website rank exceptionally well in the SERPs. Therefore, whatever your website is about, your first consideration for the domain should be .COM TLD.

Additionally, if your aim is to market your website in the whole world, then there is no better option than .COM TLD. It is optimal in terms of security and credibility. Your website would be easily considered as the top site to trust in if you go for .COM TLD.

Hence, if you are looking for a small blog, an online store, or any other website niches, your first aim should be to get a .COM TLD. In fact, it is not easy to find a meaningful and short domain name in .COM TLD!


As mentioned before, the .COM TLD is conveniently one of the most suited options for any sort of digital presence. Hence, you must make efforts in order to get this domain for enjoying the success of the website in the present as well as in the future.

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