What is .ASIA TLD (Domain Name Extension)?


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.ASIA is one of the most popular sponsored generic top-level domain (sTLD) developed for the Asia-Pacific zone. From October 2007 to March 2008, it was under the Sunrise and Landrush process. The .ASIA is sponsored by DotAsia Organization Ltd.

The Interesting History and Facts of .ASIA TLD

After a comprehensive launch, the .ASIA domain introduced to the people. First registration on the .ASIA was on March 26, 2008, and in 2013, across the 155 countries, more than 455,000 .ASIA domains are registered.

.Asia is the largest online marketplace that gains a position across India, China, Korea, Japan, and other Asian markets and has eligibility criteria for registration, which is defined by ICANN for Asia / Pacific zone.

The registration guidelines are not focusing based on the location of the owner; it means that one doesn’t have to locate in Asia to purchase a .ASIA domain, but he/she must meet the ICANN’s registration guidelines.

Usage Recommendations

The TLD is a great fit for businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals. .Asia helps you to reach millions of online users, provides a complete platform for building and managing your Asia market-focused website. It also gives an online identity to your company or organization. Moreover, it gives your business an Asian friendly name. It can use for both international and Asian businesses.

.ASIA has two types of members:

  • Sponsor Member

Sponsor members are communities in the Asia-Pacific and Pan-Asia zone, which is distinct from ICANN.

  • Co-sponsor Member

Co-sponsor members include an area-based internet, electronic media, public NGO, and organizations in the Asia-Pacific zone.

.Asia always welcomes new members, gives the same opportunity to the sponsored and co-sponsored members, and helps to bring the public to international internet forums.

Asia is the world’s biggest and most occupied continent and covers the world’s 60% population with more than 90 languages. Asia is experiencing great economic and technological progress. The values, traditions, and languages are varying throughout Asia. So, the .ASIA domain TLD helps to grow your business through Asia and Australia and deliver global citizenship to your business.

Asian countries hikes in science and technology, and now they are looking outside to their local markets. For this purpose, they require regional individuality instead of a local one. People choose the .ASIA domain instead of .com when they want to specify their website with the Asian region. If you have Asian focused web content, then .ASIA TLD can give you a perfect web address for needs.

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