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A WordPress administrator is a person who has full capabilities over a WordPress website. When you first create a WordPress website, you will be given the role of an Administrator since you’re the creator of it.

You also have the ability to add or remove more administrators as you see fit. However, it’s important to only make someone you fully trust an administrator since they also have the same capabilities as you, they can even delete you from the site. They’ll have the ability to delete content, edit themes, and edit plugins in any way. This is why most WordPress websites only have one administrator.

The power range of an administrator is a lot, and the use of multiple administrators tend only to be used on a WordPress multisite.

Why Administrators are Important?

Think of the administrative role of being the boss of everything that goes on your website. It’s essential to have full control over your site, and the admin role is vital for this aspect. Besides controlling your website, you can add WordPress user roles, which are specific areas of work for an individual; this includes Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.

What Can a WordPress Administrator Do?

Delete and Edit Anything – As the administrator, you’ll have the ability to edit and delete anything you see fit. This is in regards to posts, pages, themes, plugins, etc.

Activate Plugins – Securing this role means you’ll have the ability to activate and deactivate plugins. Plugins are great for websites, especially if you can use them properly.

Switch Themes – If you want to change the theme of a website, you need to be an administrator to do that. This makes sure that only site owners or top authority users can only change the look of the website. Other people who work on your website don’t have the ability to ruin your website.

Upload – Whatever you want to be uploaded, you can upload it by being the administrator.

Delete Your Website – If you want to delete your website, you can do this as long as you’re the administrator.

How Do You Use Your Ability as an Administrator?

As an administrator, it’s essential to be a powerful one. You should fully understand the role so that other people work with don’t think you’re incompetent. Here are some steps on how to be an administrator toward a website:


Go to your login page for your WordPress site. This can be usually done by adding /wp-admin to the end of your website URL. Be sure to bookmark this page to make it easier for you to get to in the future.

Become Familiar with the Role

Examine all of the functionalities and tools listed in the admin area. Get familiar with what you’re able to do, such as editing blog posts, adding plugins, or changing the theme of your website.

Add Another Administrator If Needed (Be Cautious of This)

If you feel overwhelmed as the administrator, consider adding different roles for people throughout your website. If you feel like you absolutely need another admin, only add someone you completely trust. Someone who you’ve known for a long time, otherwise they can completely mess up your WordPress website.