What is: GPL?

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The GNU General Public License, also known as GNU GPL, is the most commonly used free software license. This license allows the software to be freely used, modified, and redistributed by anyone. It’s completely open-source; meaning it can be manipulated; however, you see fit.

Detailed Explanation of GPL

Computer programmer Richard Stallman created the GPL. Anyone can use GPL, but you must follow the guideline of keeping your product open source. Not only is Open-Source software possible to be continually manipulated, but it can also be continuously improved. This has countless advantages, especially the fact that it’s free.

WordPress & GPL

One of the most popular sources that utilize GPL is WordPress. WordPress is a downloadable software that allows you to create and manage your own website. Over one-third of all sites on the web use WordPress software; this is because of the flexibility it has on the user.

The creators of GNU GPL believe that software should be free and allowed to be changed by the public. Doing this allows the software to improve continually and used innovatively.

Why is GPL Important?

As you can recognize, there are countless reasons for why GPL is essential. Most importantly, the influence it has had on certain software developers. The idea that something should be free and improved upon by the public is almost unheard of.

Some Facts About Why GPL is Convincing:

GPL grants and influences freedom – Open-Source software and free software, in general, tend to help society as a whole. Especially something as influential as GPL. Some people will only work with GPL because of the reputation surrounding it.

WordPress uses GPL – WordPress is released under the GPL guidelines. Since WordPress is one of the most important things to understand from a web perspective, it’s crucial to comprehend GPL along with it. You can see that many top developers and companies are following GPL to sell their plugins and themes.

GPL is about goals – The only reason GPL exists is because of the goals it aspires every person to accomplish. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be free and open-source; it would cost money and be continually looking for ways to increase revenue. Instead, this is done to help the greater good.

How Do I Utilize GPL?

Understanding why you should use GPL is critical. Realize what you’re looking to accomplish and what this software can provide for the community.

Requirements of GPL:

Copyright disclaimer – Before you begin, you’ll need a copyright disclaimer about GPL usage.

Explain what versions users can use – Determine what parts of the license users can use. Make sure you have the proper copyright on each designated section.

Copying file – Make sure you have a copying file, as well as the GNU GPL.

License notice – Make sure you put a license notice on each page. Not doing this will cause an error.

Startup notice – This isn’t required, but it’s a good idea to have startup notice that shows a brief about copyrights when the program starts. This will ensure that everything will run as described.

Review – Double check that you did everything accurately. If you have any questions, be sure to check online that you took all of the proper steps.